<h1>Ambersto - About us</h1> Continuing the tradition and special fondness for amber, we have decided to establish in 2004 a family company AMBERSTO. Owning many years of experience we produce the highest quality amber jewelry and other gemstones. We produce all kinds of usable jewellery such as: amber earring, amber clip, amber ring, amber brooche, amber bracelete, amber pendant, amber necklace, amber cuff link and unique amber jewellery of the same assortment. Our company has developed in order to adjust to the outlet which has lately been going through various changes.We have made investments like the extension of our workshop, improving the standards of serial production and introducing new technologies. We engage talented and creative artists who change our ideas into beautiful unique jewellery. As fulfilling the customers needs is of great significance for us, each season we expand the collection of the latest patterns which are enriched by new unrepeatable forms. Our jewellery is exported to European, American and Asian markets. We also participate in the International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones AMBERIF in March and in the International Fair of Amber AMBERMART which takes place in September. As our wish is to hold business conversations in a safe and comfortable way, we have opened the show room and trade office in Gdańsk Amber Center. <h2>Amber</h2> The Baltic amber, also called 'jantar', has great and outlying tradition in the Polish culture. Its rich history, from mineral resin in amber forest to a lump found on the seashore, combined together, make unique charm of Polish amber from the Baltic Sea, wich is also called 'The Gold of the North'. People have been fascinated with unusual and mysterious properties of amber for ages. It first time appeared about 40 million years ago, so various forms of live can be found inside it, even those of old times. The stone is still alive, the processes of its internal changes are still in progress. Merchants from Gdańsk have taken huge part in trading and promoting amber. At present amber is a valuable stock in jewellery production. The greatest agglomeration of amber producers can be found in Pomeranian regions wich are famous for the long-lasting tradition in producing amber jewellery. <h2>Quality</h2> We are members of International Amber Association. We have also got the certficate of the Association. It guarantees that the highest quality amber stock is used to produce our jewellery. Our customers are satisfied with both the best quality of our products and reliable customer service. <h2>Links</h2> www.amber.org.pl - International Amber Association www.gcb.pl - The Gdańsk Amber Centre www.amberif.pl - International Amber, Jewellery and Gems Fair www.ambermart.pl - International Amber Fair www.muzeum.gda.pl - The Museum of Inclusions in Amber www.emporia.edu/earthsci/amber/amber.htm - The World of Amber <h2>Contact us</h2> AMBERSTO S.C. Józef, Mariusz, Marek Stopyra ul. Jemiołowa 87 81-589 Gdynia, Poland tel: 0048 58 629 65 50 fax: 0048 58 629 65 48 info@ambersto.pl Showroom: The Gdańsk Amber Centre Manhattan Trade Centre 3rd floor ul. Grunwaldzka 82 80-244 Gdańsk tel: 0048 767 77 33 fax: 0048 767 77 30 mobile: 0048 605 584 394 office@ambersto.pl  
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